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Gen 2: Honeysuckle ~ Chapter 2

February 9, 2013


“I, Hampton, take you, Cream, to be my wife.”

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Gen 2: Honeysuckle ~ Chapter 1

February 1, 2013


Winter was finally here, my favourite season.

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Gen 1: Pearl ~ Chapter 12

January 13, 2013


Things are a little different in the Tinta house than you may remember them…

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Big News: The Tinta’s Are Returning!

January 6, 2013


Yes, this picture was taken today and yes, they look a little different. I had to move the Tinta’s to my new computer because my laptop couldn’t hold them and I didn’t have the proper CC for them so I had to change their appearances a little bit Smile BUT they are back!

I’m currently writing the next chapter, which will hopefully be out by next weekend! (I have exams coming up so the schedule for posting will be sketchy right now but it’ll return to regular AFTER January 29th.

Thank you so much for sticking around and understanding. Hopefully the new chapter will be ready soon (I have a really bad cold right now, but I’m going to make myself stay up to finish writing the chapter). Thank you,

Amy Smile

Gen 1: Pearl~ Chapter 11 *Part 2*

July 6, 2012


Carmine and Cameo led us around France, joined by her brother’s kids, Salomie and Flush. They had gotten there a few days earlier to visit with their family and in that time Carmine had found all the local boutiques and Cameo all the bars.

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Gen 1: Pearl~ Chapter 11 *Part 1*

July 6, 2012


The say that France is the place to go if you’re looking for romance.

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Gen 1: Pearl~ Chapter 10

January 4, 2012


“Have a good day, Pearl.”

“You too Dad.”

*Click* I hung up the phone, setting it down on it’s stand.

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